Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Hubbies Bday!!

Its my wonderful husbands 34th birthday tomorrow!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! 

We had a lovely bar b q yesterday with lots of friends and family!! I think Mr T might have a small hangover but i cant be sure so i'll just shout in his ear to check ........... yep he's defo got one!! 

Nick "arranged" the bar b q - by arrange i mean he invited everyone and i was left to sort haha! 

A friend of mine does the most amazing cupcakes!!!! I mean amazing and we got our wires crossed and she has a big vintage fair to do this weekend so is unable to make Nicks! However she will be making Honey and Rocco's birthday cupcakes!!! Can't wait to show you pictures! If you do need any cakes/cupcakes and i mean they are pretty special then Sacha is your girl!!! mabels vintage tea.

These are for the Children!! How super cool are they!!! 

Anyway back to today - so on Monday night i spoke to Sacha and we had a mild panic about cakes for Nick and i was like oh i'll sort something.  So i quickly text Leeanne and tried to trick her into a making a cake for me but she said if i bake the cake she would ice it - mmmm nice try Lee - icing is the best bit hahaha!!!

So i was going to make a Golf cupcake cake like this that i made for a friends birthday

But to be honest i just couldn't be bothered with baking and icing when i had a million other things to do! And i'm a perfectionist so if it wasn't amazing i wouldn't be happy!!!

I had a look around the internet at cakes etc.... and then i came across this ....

A Krispy Kreme Tower cake!!!! How amazing on numerous counts!!!
Firstly - No Baking
Secondly - No icing
Thirdly - No plates needed
Fourthly - No Cleaning up
Fifthly - They taste amazing!!!!!!

So here is my attempt at Nicks cake - it was the yummiest cake i ever have eaten!!!

Lee and I drove to the Krispy Kreme Drive Through on Friday night about 11pm to get them hot of the belt!!! We even got a free one each! Yummm !!! Nicks cake was made from 61 Krispy Kreme's - i ate 4 my brother ate 7!!!!!! Well diets aren't for Birthdays!!

Everybody at the party loved it and i didn't feel guilty about not baking it myself.  The moral of the day - Its the thought that counts! Happy Sunday

J xxx

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