Saturday, 24 August 2013

Apple Pie Pops

Jades mummy ran a coffee morning this Wednesday for The White Lodge Centre in Chertsey. It was a lovely day and turn out despite the rain and lots of pennies were raised!

As with any coffee morning there were lots of delicious treats on offer! I had offered to make something to bring too and decided to make some apple pie pops and oreo truffles!

Im going to share with you the apple pie pop recipe on todays blog!

Now i must say that i totally made this up and as i'm on another crazy diet this week i couldn't actually taste any of them but i was assured they were yummy and they look super cute so thats all that matters right?

So to make 24 pops heres what you need:

2 packets of ready rolled shortcrust pastry
1 jar of apple sauce
Granulated sugar
cake pop sticks
Circle biscuit cutter.

So basically this was the easiest thing ever, all i did was on some baking paper sprinkle some sugar then place on one circle of cut pastry (cut with the cutter) then spoon a small amount of apple sauce into the middle. Then sprinkle some sugar then place another pastry circle on top then sprinkle some more sugar. Then you need to put your cake pop stick in the middle and get a fork and press down all the way around to seal the edge of the pie. Next thing to do is to pull out your cake pop stick! Don't put them in the oven with the apple pies like i did on first batch!! Pulling out the stick will leave a little hole ready for you to pop the stick back in when they are fresh out of the oven.

One you have filled your tray with your baking paper on it, pop them in the oven on a medium heat for about 20-25mins but be sure to keep checking them! When they look ready pull them out of the oven and pop the cake pop sticks back in. Then leave to cool and bish bash bosh your all done!

These would be super cute at a party or for little party favours! You could even add some cinnamon or choose a different filling?

Let us know if you try them!

L xx

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