Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Crayola Paints!

Honey loves to paint!!! and i don't particularly like mess so this is a bit of a sticky situation in this house!!!

I hate the big paint pots that get everywhere and you have to squirt them all out into a seperate pot and theres always too much etc... etc.... please tell me one of you feels my pain and i'm not crazy !!!

So i was shopping the other day and i came accross these from Crayola

They are perfect!!! I just give Honey one strip of 6 colours and it comes with a paintbrush and some paper and bobs your uncle! Hardly any mess and most importantly no washing up paint pots!!! 

Honey feels really grown up using these and with a nice Painting colouring book it keeps her amused for ages!!! 

She did this painting all by herself the other week and even if i do say so myself i think its pretty fabulous!! 

These make fabulous presents too!!! 

J x 

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