Monday, 19 August 2013

Snacks under 100 calories!

Good Morning

So its Monday and i'm sure 50% of us are starting a new diet today!!!

So we thought we would share our favourite under 100 calorie snacks with you!!! 

1tsp Cream Cheese On 1 Ryvita With A Tomato = 100kcalsIt might not seem like much, but trust us - the nutrient-packed blend of cream cheese (full of calcium and protein), Rivita (fibre and B vitamins) and tomatoes (vitamin C and collagen-boosting lycopene) is more than enough to quell a hunger pang when it strikes between meals.

A Frozen Banana = 90kcals

Why frozen, you ask? Try it yourself and the humble banana is transformed into a sweet, cold and very satisfying dessert. Bananas are rich in fibre, potassium (a mineral essential for proper brain and nerve function) B vitamins and complex carbohydrates, too, making it a good all-round snack, particularly for providing an energy boost before exercise.

Carrot Sticks With 2 Tbsp Hummus = 100 kcals

Hummus is another food that is often excluded from diet plans because it is relatively high in calories. But the chickpea and sesame paste is worth every tiny count - it's rich in 'good' polyunsaturated vegetable fats, as well as protein and antioxidants. And when eaten with a fresh carrot or two? Not bad for your immune system, either. Just go for the low-fat option if you are worried.

These new Muller Light Mischievous Milk Chocolate Dessert are only 99 calories!!! Lovely if you want a chocolate treat! Also the normal Muller lights are 99 calories or under - so handy to have in the fridge!!! If you've got a few more calories than just 100 these are lovely over a small fruit salad for a more filling dessert.

Weight Watchers bread is only 51 calories and 1 tsp of Peanut Butter is approximately 32 calories! so thats only 83 in total!! 
These Jellies are fabulous!!! 12 strawberries are 48 calories, 12 blueberries are 9 calories, 12 raspberries are 12 calories - so this works out at 79 calories in total!!

One Oat Cake is 45 calories - one serving of Philadelphia light is 60 calories - a great quick bite!
A 2 egg white omelette comes in at 34 calories. You can add some tomato and a slice of ham and still be well under 100 calories!! 
1 Jaffa cake is 46 calories (i could never just eat 1 though maybe 1 packet!)
2 marshmallows come in at 46 calories!! Yummmmm
You could share a bar of Dairy Milk with your favourite person!! for 120 calories per half! 
 A single giant caramel Snack a Jack is 51 calories!!! - I love these! They are great for that 4 o clock slump and you can have 2 for 102 calories!!!! 

 Whilst browsing the Snack a Jack website they have some new products!!!! These crunchy curls are 88 calories per pack!!! 

We hope there are some little things to help you through your diet day!!! 

Love J and L xxx 

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