Monday, 5 August 2013

Bath time indulgences

A bath has to be one of our best ways to relax here at mummy magic!

Theres nothing better when you have had a rubbish day then a lovely long relaxing soak in the bath.

Even better is when you have the time to indulge in a few bath time beauty treatments and give yourself a little pamper!

Here are our top 3 bath time indulgences, first up is Lee...

A good bath has to start with good bubbles! I love this bubble bath from Soap and Glory 'Calm one Calm all' £6.00. The sent is lovely and very relaxing and it even has an inbuilt body lotion and skin conditioner so you come out feeling all moisturised and smooth!

I think these have been around for absolute years! For as long as i can remember anyways and you can pick them up anywhere for about £1 but i still love them!  Montagne Jeunesse Tea Tree Facial Spa. Its like a fabric mask you put on your face and its full of tea tree and spearmint so its really refreshing and makes your skin go all tingly. I love putting one on whist in the bath and closing my eyes for a little bit. My Skin feels really refreshed afterwards and the tea tree will help with any break outs you might have!

 Sanctuary Glowing Skin Exfoliating Gloves £4 I probably don't need to go on about the benefits of exfoliating as i am sure everyone knows but i love these gloves. I really suffer with them little white spots on the backs of my arms and these really help to get rid of them! A few times a week keeps my skin lovely and soft and ready for moisturising.

Next up is Jade .....

Ok so i know this is probably really old lady-ish - however i love Badedas

You can buy this anywhere - Superdrug has it for £6.19.

I'm not sure what it is about it but it just reminds me of baths! I suppose because my mum always uses it so it was always in our family bath room so i always used it!

The scent lasts on your skin too so it makes me feel fresh and clean!!!

Secondly if i'm having a really relaxing bath then i do like to light some candles rather than be in the bath with bright lights!!

Neom do the loveliest candles!! The Enchanted one is on my Christmas list!!

They do travel candles which are smaller for £15 you can buy here neomorganics - i love the Tranquility scent!!

They also do a matching scent Body oil which is to die for!!

Last but by no means least i would have to say i do love feeling moisturised after a bath and i do love the Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oil

I used to use Johnsons baby oil after a bath but i just felt like a slippery mess haha!!!

This De-Stress Mind bath and shower oil is amazing its £39
but it lasts amazingly well!!!

You can put a cap full in your bath - or just moisturise your body with it and shower off!

For the shower though (eeek don't Leeanne i'm on number 4) i do love love love the new Nivea in shower body moisteriser!!!!!!!

Do you have any firm bath time favourites that we "need" to have in our lives? We'd love to know

Happy Monday

J & L

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