Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Baby Must x

I am a sucker for anything that means saving memories of my babies!!! They don't stay little long enough (sob sob) and they are soon answering you back and stamping their feet at you!

When i was pregnant with Honey i looked into all different things to do as a newborn.  My mum and Nicks mum had plates made with our names, weight, dates, times of birth - which are now on our bedroom wall but i wanted something more!!! So when Honey was 18 days old off i drove to Milton Keynes and had her Hand and Feet Cast.

Then when i was pregnant with Rocco i decided to get a date booked in etc but i couldn't find the people i had been to before on the internet! So i found a lady called Anna who was local to me! I took her Honeys frame and asked if she could match it! (I hate things that don't match!) She did and its perfect! So this is Rocco at 9 days old.

I have them in prime position on top of my fireplace with their portraits! I look at them and can't believe their little hands and feet were that small!!!!

The memories are priceless!!! And they will last forever!!! Granted they may not want them when they are older but its something that i will treasure forever! I look at my mum now and although she's my best friend i we are so close i just can't imagine her loving me as much as i love my children - i know she does but its indescribable how much these little people change our lives! Looking at their little hands and feet brings back memories that are irreplaceable! I can't imagine ever forgetting those first moments!!

For me this is a newborn must! I love the handprints and footprints but this is their actual whole hand and whole foot and the lines and the creases and the nails and the finger placement! Its just perfect!!!

Details of lady i went to with Rocco: Anna Moore Casting Impressions,

What were your newborn must haves? Or your favourite way to treasure memories??

Wish time would slow down
J x

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