Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DIY Fairy doors

Well i'm back again with another Fairy related post! This time its fairy doors! They are super cute and add a bit of magic to your little ones bedroom!


Now to be honest i have found the fairy door to be somewhat of a life saver. Say what you like about 'bribery' as a parenting skill but in my house its under rule number 17 of 'how to survive everyday life with your toddler without loosing your mind' book (please note this book doesn't really exist so please don't check amazon as i have already looked high and low).

I put Sienna to bed at night and tell her if she doesn't go straight to sleep the fairies are going to come through the door to check on her and if she's not asleep they will go and tell santa and she wont get any christmas presents. This works a treat as she definitely doesn't want to be without presents and she goes straight to sleep!

It also works as an alternative reward chart.

If Sienna is a good girl or she doesn't exhibit any unacceptable behaviour (like hitting her brother) the Fairies will bring her a special treat over night. This is usually a chocolate coin or something similar and she is so happy to have had a treat from the fairies it really encourages her to continue with her good behaviour. I find it works best if you work on one issue at once!

So here is Siennas Fairy door its fixed to the wall resting on her skirting board in her bedroom.

This is actually really easy to make! Even if you're not very crafty you could easily make this. The actual door and frame are from a dolls house. So if you search on google or go to hobbycraft you will find a whole array of different dolls house doors that are unpainted so you can customise them as you like. I also bought a door knock and a door handle for Sienna's. All i did was paint the door and the frame in my choice of colour and then i spray painted the door knock and handle silver as it was brass and i preferred silver but you can do any colour you like. I then added Siennas name with some letter stickers i picked up in hobby craft and also added her age at the time as the door number. Then i just stuck it to the wall with my glue gun! 

Its so simple to do and it really looks so sweet in their room! 

Let us know if you plan to make a fairy door too or if you already have one!

L xx

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