Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lashes that last!

So a few weeks ago my lovely friend Gemma posted on her facebook wall that she was about to be fully qualified in eyelash extensions and i was all wow id love me some of those!

I can't leave the house without mascara on its like my comfort blanket, but some days when i'm dashing to get Sienna to nursery on time i just don't have the time to stand there trying to carefully apply mascara and curling my lashes. Hence i roll up at nursery looking like i just rolled out of bed and thats always the day i see superglam mum! You all know the mum she's at every nursery, school, soft play centre etc and she's always always perfectly preened! Not a hair out of place, not an undereye dark circle in sight and not a lb of baby weight left on her perfectly toned body! And she's always the one who looks a little bit sorry for you because your still wearing the top your baby spilt milk all down just before you left but you didn't have the time or energy to change it!

So i know your with me now with these eyelashes aren't you? One less job to do every morning in the hope it makes me look a little bit better when i'm rushing out the house makeup free!

So here is my pre makeup morning face eeeek!

I went to my appointment with Gemma from Pretty Perfect one Wednesday morning and in just under 1 hour i had lovely full long lashes which to me looked really natural which is just what i wanted!

I love them! I don't have to think about mascara or having to remove mascara at night and i haven't lost a single lash having had then nearly 1 week!

Gemma recommends going back to have infills every 2-3 weeks or when you feel like you need them.

I'm really happy with my lashes and would really recommend them to anyone, makes my life so much easier  i just have to put a bit of bb cream and blusher on and i'm set for the day! Also i don't feel like such a mess if i have to rush out in the morning with no make up! 

You can find Gemma who did my lashes via her facebook page 'Pretty Perfect'

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Lee xxx

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  1. I love them on you, you can really see the difference in the second photo, they really make you eyes pop!

    I also do eyelash extensions so i can really say how good they look on you!

    Glad your pleased with them :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back

    Frankie xxx



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