Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cardboard Fun!

I'm always trying to find fun things to do to keep my little ones entertained! They are so easily bored of playing with the same toys and doing the same activities all the time.

I was browsing for Siennas 4th birthday party ideas when i came across this fab cardboard boat!

I thought wow that would be something fun to do with the kids over the weekend so off to the garage for the 1 million empty Amazon (you have got to love Amazon prime) and Zara boxes i go!

So its no where near as good as the original picture but this was to have fun with not to win a beauty contest! The kids loved it and when i say loved it i mean Sienna loved being a pirate and Tate loved to try and pull the sail out! 

It was pretty easy i just used the centre 4 sides of 2 cardboard boxes laid flat out for either side of the boat and the extra pieces i cut off to make the top. Then a cardboard tube and some tissue paper for the sail. Oh and stuck together with my hubby's carpet tape (shhh don't tell him)

There's heaps of fun things you could make with cardboard the possibilities are endless! This drive in movie theatre idea looks brilliant and so easy!!

Have you ever made anything for your little people with cardboard we would love to hear about it if you have!

L xx

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