Saturday, 31 August 2013

Baby Shower Cupcakes

My wonderful niece Madison is going to a baby shower today and asked me if i'd make some baby cupcakes like i did before for her to take with her.

I love making cupcakes and making cupcakes for a present are the best type!!!

My favourite cupcake books are "Hello, Cupcake!" and "What's New, Cupcake?" by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.

This is so effective and super easy too!!! They are just 2 cupcakes (a small one and a big one) sittin on top of each other.

So once you've made your 15 cupcakes and 15 mini cupcakes here is what you need from the book

The book goes into great detail on how to make them but this is what i do as i like simplicity

I make the safety pins from candy melts and place them in the fridge - i simply draw a shape to the size i want and place it under greaseproof paper and just trace it 12 times (or however many you need) and simply go over them with the melted candy melts in a ziploc bag and pop half a mini marshmallow on each one.

Ice all the cupcakes flatly (i do mine all the same colour)

Then i cut the mini marshmallows in half and place them on the mini cupcakes

I then use melted chocolate for the eyes but you can cheat and use the Dr Oetker icing pens and draw the eyes on the cupcakes

Then i get Fruit or Honey Loops and strawberry shoelaces and make the dummies on each mini one

The safety pins should be all set to pop on the front

Then i place the mini cupcake on top and ta da!!!!!

I like all my cupcakes to look the same, but obviously you can jazz them up with decorations and different coloured cases etc.... you can add milk bottles, booties, names etc...

Here are mine for the Baby Shower today

I also can't wait to make these Christmas delights for our Christmas Party!!!! 

Happy Baking
Love J x 

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