Thursday, 22 August 2013

Best Watch Ever!

It's Thursday again! The weeks are just wizzing by lately! Will be christmas before we know it!

For this weeks Thats cool Thursday im going to tell you about probably my favourite thing i own at the moment! The Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor and Sports Watch.

So, i wont lie to you here, the main reason i chose this particular watch is because its pink! Yes you can roll your eyes but its true thats the only reason!

But besides the fact that its pink (whoop) and looks good on your wrist its a really clever and useful bit of technology!

I've been going to the gym for a few weeks now and doing the same routine more or less every time i go. I go on the running machine for 30 mins and the machine was telling me i had burned about 130 cals at the end of the workout. I'd always feel a little deflated at the end of the treadmill as to be honest 130 cals isn't a lot for nearly killing myself on there for 30 mins! 

A few of you might already know about an app called My Fitness Pal?

Its basically an app where you log all your food and exercise and it logs your calories for you! Very handy if your calorie counting. Anyways when i got home from the gym i would log on to my fitness pal to log in my workout and it would come up with 60 mins at the gym totalling 433 calls. Now to be honest in my head i thought well the running machine said 130 cals for 30 mins so 433 for 60mins has to be a big over exaggeration but what the hell its says more calories so i'm going with that!

I always felt like i was cheating a little bit by logging the 433 calories but its hard to know what reading to go by?

So thats why i wanted the heart rate monitor and sports watch!

You programme all your details into watch and then when your ready to work out you strap the heart rate monitor around your chest and then it links up with the watch!

The watch will tell you the heart rate range you need to be in to be burning the most amount of calories and when you go over or under it will bleep at you to tell you your not 'in the zone'. It will then log your workout, the time, calories burned and your average heart rate for the workout. Its really interesting. I was running on the running machine and my heart rate was too high so i slowed down a bit and still had a really good workout without feeling like i was dying!!

When i finished my first workout whilst wearing the watch i was gobsmacked...

554 calories!!! Never in my wildest dreams did i think i would have burned 554 cals in an hour! I though i was cheating putting the 433 cals in on my fitness pal! I was on such a high when i left the gym i really felt like i had achieved something.

Its such a good motivator now as this 554 cals is my benchmark when i go to work out so i always try to equal or beat it and it spurs me on in the middle of a session. Its also nice to know exactly how many calories you have burned especially when your trying to loose weight!

I have worn the watch at home to whilst doing Jillian Michaels (she's a killer!!) 30 day shred DVD!

Its just nice to know exactly how hard exercises are working you and if its not as hard as you like you can swap and mix things around a bit!

Jade got one too and she had kept hers on after the gym one day and was pumping up the paddling pool and burned 101 cals whilst doing it!

Its such a fab investment if you are serious about working out and loosing weight and all that jazz! We got ours from Amazon but they are available from lots of places online!

You need this watch in your life
a. because its fab
b. because you will be able to know if you have burned enough calories to eat cake
c. because its pink
The end!

Oh actually i forgot to say 
d. it has a night light too if your ermmm exercising in the dark or something?

L xx

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