Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Birthday Number 4

Well its the big number 4 for Sienna and Honey in a few short months! Crazy to think where the last 4 yrs have gone but i guess we will still be saying that when they are 30 ha!

So we need to start thinking about presents!

We have ordered the girls one of these bikes each already.

Specialized Hot Rock 16" RRP £170

We got a good deal via a bike shop local to Jade and given that it was a bit pricey we wont be buying them much else just a few bits and bobs but family have been asking so heres some other present suggestions for girls and boys we hope will help if your stuck for ideas!

These look really fun and a good way to help your little one start spelling!

Sienna would love this! She loves the step by step process of baking and cooking so i think she would really enjoy this too!

Convertible Book - Pirate Ship £14.99
These look so much fun!! They do a girly one and a fire truck one too! Best thing is they fold back away into a book so they don't take up loads of room all the time!

Sienna has been doing a bit of sewing at preschool and really enjoying it so i think she would really like these.

This looks lots of fun! You can take it apart and build it lots of different ways and watch the marbles go down. Good for encouraging problem solving too!

Big Jigs Game Compendium £21
This little set of classic games is lovely and all packs away into one neat box, bonus!

Sienna is jewellery crazy! She has stolen half of mine and her own cousins (sorry Abbie) so she would think this was the best present ever! They do a huge range for kids and they are so sweet and a fab price!

This looks like fun and a good activity you could take on long journeys too! Its a good way to help they understand how shapes can make pictures.

Now that i have started looking theres actually loads of ideas! Orchard puzzles are great games for kids and i will be getting Sienna lots more arts and crafts stuff as thats her fave thing to do at the moment!

Hope this has helped anyone struggling for ideas! 

L xx

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