Thursday, 12 September 2013


I've decided Waterstones is one of my favourite places!!! 

Many book shops have closed down due to internet shopping / kindles etc which is so sad! I order my books online when i have to for convenience but actually going to a book shop is so much fun.

There is a big Waterstones near us and we went there the other day.  Granted we went in for specific items the feel of a book shop is lovely! There were children sat in the childrens corner reading books and playing and mums browsing the shelves for anything from cookbooks to how to get your toddler to sleep to 50 shades of grey.  

I love giving books for presents - for young and old - they are the present thats last long after the book has been read! 

Some great bookshops have little coffee shops in them which is just heaven! 

I am planning to go to Waterstones one Sunday when my hubby will have the children just to escape the world and be in this magical bubble! Thousands of books filled with secrets and history and love and magic - the world is literally your oyster. 

I really wanted The Great Gatsby (i loved the film but i want to read it).  They had one by the till and i asked "do you have any other covers?" hahaha writing that down makes me feel a little crazy! I mean a books a book isn't it?? NO it isn't he showed me to a plethora of different covers! Of course i went for the Tiffany designed one and it is now in pride of place on my bedside table! 

They also do some fabulous little gifts and stationary! 

They had some pads called Knock Knock

I've found a selection at Utility Design - some of them are really useful others hilarious!!! 

The other books i found were called Listography Journals - they do Film, Music, Friends.  My favourite is My Future Listography 

This is a fabulous book to plan and keep all your future dreams! 

They also have the most amazing Childrens books - books you don't know about - books you didn't think about - books you didn't know you needed! 

I'm going to plan to take Honey to a bookshop for a mummy honey date every few months - just us two.  I want her to love the magic of books like i do.

So todays something cool in a nut shell is book shops!!! A free place to escape avec enfants!!! And a fabulous place to buy fabulous books that last a lifetime!! 

Happy Reading
J xxx

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