Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Snow fun preparation

You have probably heard the weather reports about snow landing as early as october his year!! I have one word for this news....


I love love love snow its the best! It makes everything look magical and beautiful and you can still get to the shops people just drive slower or take a sledge!!

If theres one thing i have learnt about when the magic of snow arrives its that any sort of snow fun supplies vanish from the shops! Waterproof clothing and sledges all sell out faster than a Take That reunion with Robbie Williams concert ticket!

So upon hearing the impending snow news i thought i better get the kids waterproofs in before there's nothing left in their size! That way when the snow does arrive we are all ready to go out an enjoy and are not having to dash around the shops trying to find something!

Last year i got Sienna's coat from Jo Jo Maman Bebe 

It was fab and warm and cosy but this year i wanted to get something that comes with matching waterproof bottoms.

Whist searching i found that H&M do a huge selection at really reasonable prices!

This wind and waterproof padded jacket is £29.99 and matching salopettes £19.99 and the cute ski gloves are just £5.99 and matching hat £2.99

They come in loads of different colours too. They also have lots of nice fleece jackets and other essentials for snow fun days! H&M is my top tip for snowy day clothing!

Now for sledges i love the old fashioned wooden ones as they look lovely but in reality they aren't all that practical. I don't think they are very safe for little ones to sit on. I think the ones where they are properly sat down and low to the ground seem safer. 

This Sledge by Snowboogie looks brilliant for smaller toddlers! 

This also looks fab if you have babies that want to come and join in the sledging fun!

We just have a standard basic sledge similar to this one which always does the job and provides lots of fun!

I'm would 100% recommend getting the kids stuff ready before the snow arrives because it really is no fun trying to find stuff when the time arrives as all the nice stuff has gone or you end up paying over the odds for whats left! 

Bring on the snow! I cant wait!!

L xx

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