Monday, 9 September 2013

We Heart Mondays!

So i've decided Mondays are the new fundays!!!

Leeanne and I have decided to make September 2013 to September 2014 (when our girls start school and boys preschool) the year of Fun!!!! Just like Giuliana and Bill this coming year is going to be filled with adventures, fun and most of all love!!!!

We've already got a lot booked for this next 6 months!!! (we like to be organised)

We've got birthday parties, spa parties, nights out, halloween parties, Disney on Ice, Finland, Room on the Broom Live, Milan, Disney Princess Tea, Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens, Peppa Pig World, Weddings, Nystagmus Open Day, NBA Basketball matches, Lapland UK and thats all before Christmas!!! Then come January we are arranging a very special trip to Paris for a certain persons 30th! And within this next 6 months we have some very hard training for a little London Marathon we have entered!

I had no idea just how much fun stuff we had planned and its all with different people - during the week and weekends in term time and out of term time whilst we still have the luxury to keep them off for the day to visit Father Christmas!!!

Its so nice to do things as a family, things with just friends, things with just my mummy, things with just my hubby and things with my children separately.  Spending time together and making and cherishing memories is what life should be about!

All to quickly we get wrapped up in mini dramas and forget whats important! We don't have long on this Earth and time is of the essence!!!

This is my new motto! The small stuff is exactly that - small!!! 

Enjoy your days and make plans

Happy Monday and heres to the Year of Fun!! 

xxx J little L xxx

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