Thursday, 5 September 2013

Apps im currently loving!

I love hearing about fab new apps people are using so i thought today i would share with you some of my current favourites!

First up is Artkive

This is a brillant app that allows you to take pictures of your childs artwork and log the date, time and a note about the picture. It stores it all in a folder by age or school year so you can easily look back without having to keep every single piece of art they ever do! I love it!

The next app im currently loving is Duolingo

Described by the Duolingo peeps as a free language education for the world i have to say this is brilliant! Its a step by step language course and you cant carry on to the next lesson till you pass the one your currently in. It teaches you to write the language as well as speak and theres a choice of 6 languages you can learn. For a free app i think this is fabulous!!

Lastly are 2 apps that work with each other. Any.DO and Cal

Any.DO is a fabulous award winning task app. You can list all your to do's quickly and easily under different folders like home, work and all that jazz and if you have the cal app to (which is a calendar app) it integrates perfectly and adds all your to do's into your calendar so you know what your schedule for your days looks like! With the Cal app you invite peeps from your contact lists to events you have put in your calendar and i know it doesn't sound that amazingly different to the standard calendar on your phone but trust me its fabulous and it looks better and its just fab (i know i said that twice in one sentence). 

The Any.DO app is super cute too it has a little personality and it calls me beautiful so i just love it.

And when you work through scheduling your tasks it finishes with cute messages Then i'm all, hell yeah i'm a boss and anything IS possible today! 

So there you go, my fave apps at the moment! Let me know if you download them and love them too! Or if theres any amazing apps we need to know about! Sharing is caring.

L xx

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