Friday, 20 September 2013

Your never fully dressed without a....

So i know its fashion Friday and i'm supposed to talk about clothes and all that jazz but you know whats more important than the actual clothes you put on your body? How you feel underneath them!!

I've always said the greatest gift i can give my daughter is self confidence, to feel truly happy in her own skin but i wont be able to do that if i'm not leading by example!

Me and Jade were talking a few weeks ago about the latest diet we were on and how it was teaching our girls such bad attitudes towards diets and food! When it comes down to it the best way to be healthy and feel good is eat a balanced diet and exercise. When you do these things you feel better about yourself, you have more energy and your teaching your children that this is the way to live their own lives!

I think us woman are our own worst enemies. We do it to ourselves, we worry about our appearance and what others will think but really what do other people think? Most of what we think they think is made up in our own minds! Most people don't even care what size clothes your wearing or if you gained 3lbs over the weekend. 

The most beautiful people are the people who are confident! When someone is confident in themselves you don't notice if their tops a little tight or if their belly is hanging over the top of their jeans you notice how they light up a room and how much fun they are to be around! When you stop caring about other people think and start loving yourself life is so much happier! 

We need to be kinder to ourselves and learn to love who we are as we are! This positivity will rub off on our little people and teach them to be happy and confident little beings! 

So my number one, cant live without, every wardrobe must own item is... a SMILE! 

Its Friday... Get up, get dressed and put on your best smile, go out into the world, be happy and confident because your fabulous just as you are and you shouldn't be afraid to show it!

Love and smiles
L xx

P.S tell a friend she looks amazing! It might make her day x

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