Monday, 2 September 2013

Guest Blog - Steph: My Weight Loss Journey

Well, what can I say im very humbled to have been asked to share my journey as I look in the mirror I dont actually feel I look much different. Ive always been a 'big girl' ever since I hit my late teens but never been careful with my diet and exercise regimes-big mistake now!! My main troubles began when I fell pregnant with my little boy almost 5 years ago, as I said I was carrying a lot of weight and weighing in at around 14and a half stone! I would always drop to 13.7 but never any less. At the end of my pregnancy I had gained a whole 5 stone....yes I know weighing me in at 19 and a half stone!!! Im still ashamed to write that out. 

Not long after id had Charlie I decided this is it I HAVE to change my ways. I was living off takeaways and could easily get out of breath climbing the stairs. This often worried me, how will I run with my son in the park?? After a few months of home dieting and settling in I took the plunge and joined weight watchers, my first weigh in was 17 stone 11lbs. Embarrassment was my only feeling, not 'youve just had a baby'. I knuckled down and got to around 14 stone 7lb again, this was overaround 9 months or so. I werent satisfied at this weight. I knew id get lower. I then left ww for a few months to try it alone but gained so rejoined!!

Next I decided to try slimming world -being a girl who obviously loves her grub!!!! This was an amazing plan, dont understand the science but it works! In a matter of months id dropped to 12 and a half stone (7 stone pre baby weight loss) I had also began running around this time, I could actually do it without feeling like I was dying! A slow steady build up into running really worked. Due to costs and work commitments I had to leave sw but soon took up the current fab fad of 5:2. This twinned with 30 day shred and insanity took me to my lowest.......11 stone 8lb. I loved the treat days, and I soon learned not to over Indulge. This was my problem from day one....eyes bigger than my tummy. My clothes have gone from an 18-20 to a size 10,this has been my main motivation. I'm shopping in places ive never been able to look twice at.

My husband has always said he fancies me no matter what but looking back at my old me photos he doesnt want me to change. Anyone can lose weight you just have to want to do it- thats half the battle.

Steph x


  1. Amazing Steph well done! its just shows what hard work & determination can do. you look great. :) xx

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  3. I am really amazed on how you achieved your body after giving birth! There are various ways on how to shape your body such as diet modification and exercising. Great job!

  4. OMG. Awesome. I am really amazed by this change.

    Also see >> Loose your weight by doing normal work.

    Thanks Keep it up!

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  7. Wow, this is certainly inspiring. You're right. The real change happens when you have the desire to do it. You've had your ups and downs with your journey to weight loss, but the most important thing is you didn't give up and kept going on. Looking at your picture now, it's hard to believe you're the same person in that picture a few years ago. Congrats!

    Fitness Together, Inc

  8. Good job to Steph! It's hard to focus on weight loss especially if you're surrounded with sumptuous, tempting foods. Some mothers don't care about their figures after giving birth, but she managed to hit her target weight in a span of time. I hope other guest bloggers will continue to inspire your readers in the next posts. :)

    Ciara Owings @



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