Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13th oooooohhhhhhhh

Happy Friday 13th!!!

I can't wait for our Halloween Party and all our Halloween decorations and treats! So seeing as this is Friday i thought i'd mix it up a bit and do a bit of everything!!! Halloween is another expense just before christmas so these are cheap ideas too!!! Hooray!!

First up Costumes!
Honey loves dressing up and Rocco well he has no choice yet haha!!!
Last year Honey was a witch and Rocco a spider so this year i'm wondering what i can do! I'd like to do a duo in all honesty! Tesco always do some great ones! And i love looking on Pinterest at the amazing ideas they have!!!

But if you were looking for something a little bit cheaper and easier (yes please!) this is a great idea!
Most little girls have a princess fancy dress so just use that and then with some face paint they can be Dracula Aurora / Dracula Minnie Mouse! And the boys with superman / batman costumes and can be Dracula Batman / Scary Superman and it only about £2 for some face paints!!! hahaha This is Honey as Dracula Minnie - an eyeliner widows peak and mono brow and a dracula dummy and the jobs a goodun !!!!

Secondly Treats!
We never ever get Trick or Treaters so i never have to have sweets ready (boooo) but how cool do these look - its all about the presentation!!! Honey will love making these!!

Thirdly Games I absolutely can't wait to do this - how brilliant!!! and super easy!!! It will keep the children entertained for ages!! You could always just use an orange ball instead of a pumpkin! But i think the pumpkin is fab! And the tins make a great day time activity!!! Win Win! 

Fourthly Pumpkin Decoration

Last year i got some templates and cut them out with a knife etc - so time consuming!!! I recently saw on Pinterest a lady using Cookie Cutters to cut her pumpkin!!! 

We have some halloween cookie cutters and it looks so much easier than using the little knifes etc and the kids can help hammer!!! 

Fifth and Final Halloween Tip - Halloween crafts to keep them busy!!!! 

The top ghost is just a rock! How cool is that and you can go rock collecting in the morning! The Toilet roll monsters are fab and again super easy! I love hand print / foot print cards - something to keep and treasure!!! All really easy and cheap!!

Happy Friday 13th may your days be filled with luck

J xxx

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