Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday the 99th

Today is our 99th Blog post!!! 

Thank you all so much for your support for the last 99 days!!!

We thought we would give something back and take some requests!  If you have some big events coming up that you need present help with, you need toddler ideas, days out ideas, cooking ideas, craft ideas.  You name it we will try and help you! 

Simply email anything you need advice/help with to

We (Jade & Nick) went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday and saw some truly lovely friends become man and wife. During the service our friend Charley read a poem which i thought was simply perfect

The Wonders Of Today 
by Larry Chengges

If you can always be as close
and happy as today, 
Yet be secure enough to grow
and change along the way.....

If you can keep for you alone
your love as man and wife.
Yet find the time to share your joy,
with others in your life.....

If you can be as one, 
and walk through marriage
hand in hand, 
yet still support the goals and dreams
that each of you have planned.....

If you can dare to always go
your separate ways together
Then all the wonders of today
will stay with you forever.....

Happy Monday to each and everyone of you - Monday's are really hard for some people - going back to work or a job where people are nasty or back to school where there are bullies in the school play ground - so we wish you a great day and hope any thing you've been fretting/worrying about all weekend doesn't happen - be strong - be yourself

Love the people who love you 


J & L 

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