Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Greatest Gift of All!

The best gift you can ever ever give someone is the gift of time! Its a precious gift that will be treasured forever in someones heart and never forgotten!

Time costs us nothing but can give us more than money could ever buy. When we look back on our lives it isn't the material things we remember its the memories of good times and the relationships we had with people that we remember and cherish! We should make more time whilst we have it!

You can give the gift of time in so many ways, spending time with family and friends even if its just a quick coffee or pop in to say hello. Phone your family or your neighbours and ask if they have any jobs they need doing they will really appreciate the help but might not want to ask. If you have always wanted to do some volunteer work then get out there and do it! Make the time for the things that are important in life, make the time for people who will remember you!

You will never regret giving someone your time it is by far the greatest gift of all!

L xx

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