Thursday, 19 September 2013

DIY Hair colouring

I've been meaning to get the hairdressers for months now as i would really like my hair colouring blonde, but i'm literally never without child when the hairdressers is open. My hubby works long hours and Saturdays and i don't feel right asking someone to mind the kids so i can go and have my hair done! My lovely friend Kim who is a hair dresser was going to do it for me whilst we were in Belfast but thanks to my delayed flight out there we just didn't have the time!

So alas the months of waiting around trying to find a time to make an appointment have left me with horrid washed out dingy looking hair! I finally gave in the other day and went and bought a hair colour from Boots.

I literally hate colouring my own hair! Its awful i never cover it right and end up with patches and i get it all over my face and the towels which my hubby is never too happy about! Its just a rubbish job!

I went to get my usual colour when i spotted Loreal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue.

No drip mousse? Wow i like the sound of that! But what i liked the sound of more is the fact that you can re-use it!! Yes you did read that right you can re use the hair dye! How amazing is that? If like me you end up missing a patch you then have to go out and buy another dye and go through colouring you hair all over but with this you can keep the colour and then touch it up next time your going to have a shower without having to waste a whole bottle of colour! Bloody genius if you ask me. Will be fab to touch up roots too! 

Its a home hair colouring revolution! Get on it fellow home hair dying people of the nation! You wont regret it.

I bought mine on offer at Boots for £8.99

Let me know if you try it!

Love and hugs if you feel like you want a hug today!
L xx

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