Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tuesday's child is full of Grace

So its birthday month in our house- which means Party month!!

How hard is birthday party planning!!! From the theme, to who you invite, to the cake its all big decisions!!!

I remember my birthday parties when i was small - in the village hall, disco, magicians, cabbage patch kid cakes - and i remember them being so magical that i've always thought i want my children's parties to be filled with great memories!!

So as Rocco and Honey are a day apart i can easily have a joint party which is a big relief - however they are into completely different things! I toyed with a cupcake decoration party - but then this would only be for the older children - magicians again only for the 4 year olds - petting zoo again Rocco wouldn't be that bothered.

The Cakes - do they share a cake? have a cake each? just have cupcakes?

Party Bags - do you fill it with bits and bobs? get one nice thing? a book? a cupcake?

Bouncy Castle - do you get one with a slide? one with a roof for rain? a pink one?

Food - sandwiches? Hot Dogs? Picnic? Will the other mums think theres too many sweets?

Activities - Pass the Parcel (ends in tears), Fancy dress competition? Races? treasure Hunt?

Entertainment - Cupcake decorating? Magician? Enchanted Fairy? Disney Princess? Clown?

Dads have it kind of easy really Nicks just like get 1 cake, they don't need a party bag, any bouncy castle, sandwiches and crisps, pass the parcel and thats it! Job Done! Invite anyone. Alternatively lets just go to Euro Disney!

But as a mum .............. Can they have 1 cake if there are 2 of them? i wouldn't like to share a cake haha! They do need a party bag but what can i buy thats good quality for like £3 per child? we need a bouncy castle with a slide and roof and it needs to be red realistically , we need activities and we need a children's entertainer! Must invite long lost cousins aunt incase they see it on Facebook and get upset they didn't get the invitation! And the worrying doesn't end there!!! Even when they are opening their gifts from the party guests theres the mum manically writing who bought what so the thank you cards can be sent out the next day!

Its such a huge pressure!!!! But still generation after generation we still do it!!! And we still love it deep down!!!!

The look on Honey's face the morning of her party will be priceless and worth all the huge decisions that realistically we are the only ones that care about! I mean Honey doesn't care what bouncy castle it is or if theres 1 or 2 cakes! She would be happy with a bowl of ice cream and sprinkles and a candle in it! But me at the mum would feel guilty if there was no party!

Sooooooooooo this is what i've decided on!

We are having a party
We will have 2 cakes and Cupcakes! (i love cake!)
Party Bags will consist of 1 cool gift and a lovely cookie (well over budget but ho hum)
Bouncy Castle i have left to Nick to arrange (eeeek)
Food will be Hot dogs, sandwiches and picnic food and a plethora of sweets
I have arranged an entertainer (well 2)

I feel happy with my decisions - i hope everything goes to plan and i hope above all the Children enjoy it and have a magical day!

They are only young for such a short amount of time and when they are 10/12 are they really going to want a magician? So i say make the most of being in charge of the party before they can tell us what they want and what they don't hahah!!!

Can't wait to show you some pictures in 2 weeks time!!!

J xxx

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