Friday, 15 November 2013

Wardrobe staple: A classic Trench Coat

The classic beige trench coat looks good on everyone! Women, Men, Children, Big peeps, Small Peeps all shapes and sizes a trench coat suits everyone!

You can wear it with workwear ,weekend wear, with a dress or with jeans and converse it really is super duper versatile!

I used to have a lovely one from Zara but i wore to its death and all the buttons went to button heaven and the pockets gave up holding onto anything anymore! I really loved that coat!

The king of the trench coat has to be Burberry (we are not sponsored by Burberry this week just so you know) but at a hefty £1095.00 it sadly won't be making an appearance in my wardrobe anytime soon!

So here are some more purse friendly options available on the high street and online!

Hope you have a fab Friday, I'm off to Jades with my family for the weekend as our friend Kim is visiting us! Can't wait for lots of family and friend fun!

See you tomorrow for Scrumptious Saturday!

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