Saturday, 9 November 2013

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

So today is Saturday and we are off to a lovely Ice Cream Party today!!! 

So todays blog is all about Ice Cream! 

I saw this and can't wait to try it! no squabbling over eating more than half haha

I really would like to try and make Homemade ice cream and after some research this Cuisinart Deluxe has some pretty good reviews! 

Ooooh what a great book! I love Ben and Jerrys!!! 

I love this door stop! Amazing haha! 

I absolutely love these ice cream sandwiches from - the recipe is over on the blog - yummmmm

But if you don't have time to make cookies or ice cream and you want a fun dessert treat for the children - get their favourite biscuits and ice cream and make you own ice cream sandwich and let them go crazy with sprinkles 

You can dip them in melted chocolate, spread peanut butter on the biscuit, add sauces and popping candy!! 

As we are dairy free and dairy free i am going to try this amazing recipe! 

No ice cream date or party is complete without spoons! 

These craft spoons are amazing and whilst the ice cream is freezing these can be decorated! Perfect craft 30 mins - getting your children to decorate a spoon for the whole family! 

I love these perfect Ice Cream bowls! 

These are a cool option! perfect little ice cream bowls for children £3.07 for 24 - and the children can decorate with the spoons and no washing up!!! 

Happy Sugar filled Saturday 

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