Thursday, 21 November 2013

10 sleeps until advent

OMG its 10 sleeps until the 1st December!!!

The advent calendars were out in force at the end of October and there are so many everywhere! However i just don't like the chocolate! Also with Rocco now being dairy/gluten free if i didn't have one i would definitely make one this year!

This is ours from last year! I know its amazing! I'd love to say i made it but alas i would be lying!  This is actually made by Leeanne!!!! Yes she's a bit too clever!!! Each fabric pouch had some sweets or a kinder egg or a note telling Honey a special surprise like pantomime day or a day for ice skating.  I also didn't fill any of the other envelopes until the night before so it was as if Elvis (our elf) bought the treat if Honey was good! There were a couple of days where Elvis didn't bring a treat from Father Christmas but if she was good all day he would sneak one in before teeth brushing time!!! 

I've found some really good DIY advent calendars today - that you can make as surprises for your children or let them help you make 

This is just paper cups decorated as Reindeer - but you could do snowmen or penguins or father christmas themed ones too!!! on a piece of string with clothes pegs! Simples!!!!!! 

I love this one!!! And if your not a knitter why don't you collect some of the Innocent Smoothy knitted hats to make this!!! 

Love this!!!! So easy - toilet rolls, glue gun, brown paper, sharpie and some cardboard and bobs your uncle!!! Put the treat inside the toilet roll cover the front and back write the number on it!!!

I used these little bags as Honey and Roccos party bags last year - so sweet and they come in lots of colors! Perfect advent treat size! 

WOW!!!!! This is amazing!!! You can buy a framed canvas from Hobbycraft with some glitter card and foam numbers and make this easily! I love the idea of printing  a bible verse on a card inside each envelope with a chocolate coin! You could even add a clue and they have to find the treasure on certain days! 

A picture frame, some string, some clothes pegs and white card!!! Looks fab and is so simple!!!

I love this too!!! I don't think its christmassy enough for me haha! But i would buy christmas paper or card from Hobbycraft or Paperchase and make this with a christmas theme! Stickers are easy to buy and you can write the numbers on! 

These are just luggage tags with a number printed on - perfect for an advent calendar that is more about the true meaning of Christmas with a bible verse for each day and no chocolate.  My mum would love this as a gift.

So if you don't have much on in this next 10 days why not try your hand at a home made advent calendar!!!! 

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