Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Childhood Christmas Wishes

I was just going through some old pictures and i found these of me that my mum took the minute i woke up on Christmas day in Spain.

The excitement on my face i just find magical! Like i truly believed in Magic - how amazing to capture that in a picture! The pure amazement and genuine belief.  And this is exactly why i love making so much effort with Honey and Rocco and making Christmas magical because its what my mum did for me.  These memories and feelings you can't replace! 

So when i was little i always wanted a Christmas Tree in my bedroom and of course i wanted a real one (haha) 

This is me and my dad with my tree in my bedroom! 

Well when we were in Paperchase last week Honey saw this little tree 

It is £8.50 from

I just love it!! Sooo cute and believe it not i had one just like this when i was about 12 in my room! As we are getting a real tree this year for our lounge and we aren't going to get it right at the beginning of Dec i thought it would be nice for Sunday 1st December for Elvis to bring Honey this tree and some baubles for her bedroom! 

I'm going to get her some really kitsch decorations and let her go to town! I'm even going to get some tinsel hahaha - Paperchase have a great selection and some little lights! 

They also have this one in Paperchase which is also lovely

I love making Honeys dreams come true - its so rewarding and i know i won't but i hope i'll be as good a mum as my mum! She is my best friend and i wouldn't know what to do with out her! I'd say she's the original magic mummy 

Making new family traditions are the best! 

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