Thursday, 14 November 2013

Its a lovely day for a kilt

Its Thursday!! And i know i said i wouldn't be back until Sunday but i just couldn't keep away! So its Thursday again haha Which means we are one day closer to the weekend! And tomorrow Leeanne, Kim and their families are coming to stay for the weekend!!! I literally can't wait!!

But back to the task in hand! Thats Cool Thursday - so what do i think is cool this Thursday!

I'm going for the coolest pattern that i'm literally in love with at the moment ! TARTAN !

Here are some fab tartan looks to keep you and your family on trend!

So first up option for the little ones in our lifes

I love this Tutu from Next £20-£22 - my friends little girl had it on at the weekend and i just have to go and buy one for Honey!!!

Love love love this for Rocco for Christmas day!!! Need it !!! £9-£10

£22.99 from Zara - a perfect Christmassy dress!!! I love this!!!

I love this bowtie to wear with a white shirt and its only £3.99 at

Ok so my two dream outfits for Honey and Rocco are from Burberry below 

Wow i love this!!! 

And this!!! Oh please Mr Burberry give these to Father Christmas xxx

Ok so for Nick and I these are my fave looks

This is a lovely shirt and only £20!!

£45.99 from

The perfect Tartan tie! I love these colours! £85 from

And last but by no means least my fave things for me 

I think this is cure £45 and sequins too!!!

DEnim Supply by Ralph Lauren £110 love this with my black coated Leigh jeans

This dress is lovely and the back is all black so not too ostentatious - £37 Motel at

Love these colours - this is a stole (i'm not a big fan of wool it makes me itch!) £39.95

Ok my dream items from Burberry  

Wow wow and more wow!!! 

So Nicks dream present isn't tartan but he sent me this today on the hope we win the lottery 

hahahaha i best get saving and stop looking in Burberry 

Remember Tartan is your Winter style must have 

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