Monday, 18 November 2013

TV Addicts x

Good Morning Mummy Magic Readers! 

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have woken up this Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead!! 

Leeanne and I and our husbands are TV Addicts!!!! WE love TV!! Leeanne is always up to date on cool American series and Nick is obsessed with the walking dead!! 

So last night we had - X Factor, I'm a celebrity, Homeland, and Nick watched Revolution and Walking Dead from Friday night! I do love the X Factor and my favorite is Sam Bailey! I think her voice is incredible!!! So last night Sam Callahan went - I do feel bad for him! I mean the judges are the ones who put him in the show so to slate him every week is so mean!!! 

Ok sooooooo what did we all think about Miley Cyrus's performance - I thought she was really good - normal nothing crazy - I didn't really like Miley before Sunday morning when Chris and I watched a documentary on MTV about her and actually i really like her now!  Her mum is her manager and she's with her every day and they are actually really nice! Nicks a fan anyways but she's grounded and just having fun being in control and being the person she wants to be! I mean wouldn't we all love that! "Its our party we can do what we want / its our party we can say what we want / its our party we can love who we want"  And in all fairness our lives are our party so lets all make the most of them and have some fun!!! 

But most importantly I'm a celebrity is back!!!! I love this show - such a guilty pleasure! I'm sure Joey Essex is favorite to win - who's your fave! I can't wait for Carlton to do the Carlton Dance haha - they are braver than me thats for sure!!! i hate anything creepy crawly!!! 

One more Monday confession - The terrible twosome (me and lee) are once again trying to eat healthy! We have been rubbish at it and we literally ate like pigs this weekend i mean Saturday we had fry up, mcdonalds, indian, ben and jerrys and then yesterday we had bacon sandwiches, pulled pork baps, then i had a banana sandwich for dinner and Leeanne had a Chinese.  So yes you read correct all 3 of my meals yesterday contained bread!!! Horrendous! 

So i've decided i'm making a Monday New Week Resolution! This weeks resolution is no Fizzy Drinks!!!! None what so ever and i'm going to log back on to My Fitness Pal and attempt to stick to my calorie allowance not see if i can eat double/treble the allowance for fun!!!! 

Hope you have a lovely Monday 

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