Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Non Girly Girls Gifts

I saw this advertisement on Facebook yesterday and i thought it was really cool!!

My little girl Sienna is a typical pink princess loving girl and its really easy to find her gifts but it did get me thinking... What is there about for the non typical girly girls? 

I'm not going to start a debate on whether gender specific toys are infulencing our little girls negatively etc etc as i wholeheartedly believe everyone has a choice and if someone wants to buy their child dolls and princesses and someone else is totally against that sort of thing well then thats totally their choice and its none of my business to comment on it!

So i have had a little search and here are my top pick of presents for little girls who want more than dolls, pink, princesses and homemaker stuff!

Can i add these to my own christmas list please??

Kaleidoscope Making Kit £11.99

Mancala £13.99 - 
This is the best game. We got married in Kenya and our party of 30 all played this game all the time over there! Everyone loved it kids and adults, highly recommend for some family fun!

I know this is a dolls house as such but its a very cool dolls house and not typically girly!

Wow when you look its actually really hard to find girls stuff that isn't pink and purple!! Unless you go for things like i have chosen like educational or craft kits etc! Or just choose stuff intended for boys! In a way i am relived Sienna likes pink because it would be super hard at birthdays and christmas if she didn't! I feel for the mama's of the anti pink girls!! 

Have a lovely day, or i hope you have had a lovely day if your reading this at night! Jadey T will be here tomorrow with Thats Coolio Thursday!

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