Monday, 11 November 2013

Moaning Monday

Hello Hello, hope you all had lovely weekends!

We are not usually ones for moaning and being negative but sometimes you just need to have a good moan don't you? And the thing thats really been getting us down lately is tidying up, especially tidying up toys!!

I spent the most part of Sunday gathering, sorting, throwing and organising my children's toys! For the millionth time this year!! And i know full well what will happen next... Destruction! They say history doesn't repeat itself, well they haven't been to my house because its like groundhog day every day!

My kids don't seem to care that the animals don't go in the box with the cars they go in the animal drawer. Nor do they care if the dressing up lives upstairs, 'we are taking it off and throwing it around the lounge mummy'. They don't understand they can't read more than one book at once they like to get out every book we own and throw them all over the living room whilst they watch me try and navigate their little obstacle course with arms full of their dirty washing! (seriously where is the person handing out medals for completing the course without tripping up?)

I spend hours organising everything and feel brilliant awards like i have all this mum stuff under control and 30 mins later its back to how it was before i started and I could literally cry that theres 2 pieces of fruit missing from my (yes i said my) favourite 'Le Toy Van' market stall (if anyone know where they are please help a woman on the edge).

When does it stop? Seriously? Someone must know when these tiny terrorists we created ourselves will stop reaching havoc wherever they go? Its bad enough trying to keep on top of all the normal household tasks and chores without the path of destruction they leave whilst your trying to tidy a previous destruction episode! Its never ending!

Now Buddy has also joined Jades household its like she has another child! He's pooping where he shouldn't and also wreaking havoc!

And we thought babies were hard work!

I think the cold weather doesn't help because we are the house much more and there more time to make it a mess!

So please can someone save us and and share your tips for keeping on top of everything! We need your help before we check ourselves into a mental institution! Actually thinking about it that might not be a bad idea at least we will get a break and have a tidy room haha!

We would love to hear your top tips! Please leave a comment below or email


  1. Love this girls. I so have the daily... "Emilyn, Hugo the cars do not live with the Happyland people." when do they understand sorting... no wonder they can never find their toys! brilliant. Jade your Pup is adorable!!!

  2. I get this, for me its crumbs on the carpet, biscuits and banana everywhere. I must hoover about3 or 4 times a day and then my hubby will come in and say not hovered today then!! grrrrr



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