Friday, 22 November 2013

Snow Holiday!

Tomorrow i am going to Finland for a few days for a girly weekend with my Mum, Sister in law, Sue and Joey - its for my mums 70th! 

Jo-anns husband is Finnish and they have a house on the lake so we are going to relax, eat and be merry oh and shop haha! 

Well i've never been to Finland but apparently its freezing!!!!!!! Like we are talking minus figures!!! 

So here are some tips on keeping warm but still looking cool hahaha

Normally i wear tights under my jeans if i'm cold as they keep my legs warm but not so much that i look like the michelin man! It is all about layering!!!! 

Tesco has some great thermals in stock at the moment and so cheap!!! - twin pack of thermal long sleeve tops for £7!! You can not go wrong!! They also have some fab mens bits too! Great stocking fillers! 

Ok so you still want to look like you!!! So thats why a thermal top under your normal dress or jumper will really work! I know this all sounds really obvious but i sometimes dress a bit "old lady" when i'm cold because i hate it so much! like i don't wear my dresses that i normally wear as i think i'll be too cold! But i with a top underneath and some thermal tights! Yes you read correctly the wonderful Marks and Spencers now do Thermal Tights!!!!!!

So then with a nice parka on top from my Parky post with any boots you own and how about buying the Hunter welly socks and pop them in!!! from £18 for plain black 

and then all you need is hat scarve and gloves! £30 - my friend Dilly bought this on a recent shopping trip and it looks lovely on!!! Really warm too!!! They do a matching scarve but if you don't have the longest arms in the world then it won't work haha! £69 - love a bit of leopard and these gloves look fab!!! £50 - a blue sequin snood! I'm all about a snood - pop it over head and thats where it stays haha! No falling off or getting it caught etc! Its child friendly!!! 

I wish you all a fabulous weekend 

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