Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Perfect DIY Gifts for a Perfect Day

Who doesn't love a wedding? Some Bride and Grooms are super easy to buy for or some might even have a gift list taking the stress of thinking of something away from you! But what if you don't fall into these categories and your thinking eeeek what do i get?

I love giving presents that people wont expect. Gifts that are sentimental and mean something or at least be something that i have had to put a little effort into!

An amazing present that will be treasured forever doesn't need to cost a fortune. There are tons of ideas that with a little time and maybe a trip to a craft store you can make yourself and and can look like you bought it! Plus when the Bride and Groom realised you took the time and effort to make it yourself they will be super touched. Or at least i know i would be!

Heres some of my fave DIY gifts for a wedding present:

This scrabble board in a frame is such a lovely gift! Jade and my lovely friends all made me one for my birthday this year and i love it! Its super easy to do. Just buy a game of scrabble and then hot glue the tiles to the board spelling out words that mean something to the couple your giving it too. Then get a RIBBA 50x50 frame from ikea and hot glue the board to the mount in the frame! The girls covered my mount in some lovely wallpaper but you can do whatever you like! If that sounds a bit much for you but you like the idea the board pictured is from Scrabble Frames by Roxy

I found this cute idea for champagne glasses over on the Something Turquoise blog and if you click here it will take you to the tutorial. You could make one each with the couples first name initial on it or you could buy some sticky letters from a craft store and spell out anything you like! Team this with a lovely bottle of Champagne (Laurent Perrier Rose is my fave choice) and you have a lovely gift! If you wanted to spend a little more too theres a fab wine box here that says open on your 1st anniversary or you could make a little tag saying something similar.

This is a lovely sentimental present! You could do one heart for where the bride and groom met, one for where they are getting married and one for where they live. Just buy a cheap map containing the places you want to use and then I would suggest finding something heart shaped and drawing round it to make them all the same size and cut them out. Then stick them to a piece of card and frame it! Easy peasy. If you dont want to do it yourself this picture is from

I really love this old horseshoe i found on pinterest. The link to buy/make it is broken but i would suggest getting an old horseshoe (lots for sale on ebay for only a couple pounds) and then tying some lovely wide ribbon to it. I really love the little metal message on this one but that would be hard to do without spending lots of money on handstamping equipment so instead you could get a little luggage tag (attach to the top where the ribbon meets the horseshoe) and write a little message of love luck and happiness on it instead. 

Hope this has been of some use to you or inspired you to come up with something else! We would love to hear your ideas too, you can leave them in the comment box below.

L xx

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