Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Book Club!

Book Club!

I sooooo want to join a book club!!! You know those book clubs with wine and nibbles and white picket fences !! I’ve searched but can’t find one in my area!! Boooo hissssss

I love a good read! I’m not embarrassed about reading chick lit as with 2 children I need something I can pick up and put down every 2 seconds!! You know as soon as I sit down and look comfortable someone wants something!!!

I would love to read long literary greats but alas that’s just not me!!! I do however LOVE Pride and Prejudice its my favourite ever book!!! But its hardly a holiday read!!

So I’m currently in Spain and before I left I saw that Lauren Conrad had bought another trilogy out! Hooray!!! The first 3 LA Candy series I Loved!! I had to wait months for the next one to come out but they were so good!  

So when I saw she had The Fame Game trilogy out I thought they would be perfect holiday reads!

So ...................... Hahahaha well the first 6 chapters of the first book is great! But that's as far as I got!  I must of been delusional thinking I would be able to read 1 book let alone 3 whilst having 2 children on my own in Spain! I literally haven't had a moment for myself! Haven't showered, brushed my teeth or been to the toilet without one of my little shadows if not both of them in tow!! 

I can't wait to get home and hand them over to my husband so I can finish the books and have a shower solo!!!

If you've read them let me know what you think x 

Another of my favourite authors is Paige Toon! If you love an easy read that you cant put down her books are ace!!! These 3 are my fave fave!!! 

If anyone in the Surrey area knows of a good book club please let me know!!!!

J x  

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