Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Need Hair Care

I've always tried to take care of my hair! Ive dyed it a million times, had it all cut off, let it grow, get a bob, let it grow, go blonde, go dark etc etc etc and my hair has always remained thick and healthy!!!

That was until i had the Mirena Coil fitted (sob sob)! I had the coil put in in November 2012 and its now July 2013 and my hair is just constantly falling out!!! Like when i brush it there is always loads on the brush and when i wash it it just comes out in my hand!! I guess having alot of hair helps that thankfully i'm not yet bald however my ponytail has lost at least a 1/4 of its thickness!!!!

"get it taken out then" i hear you shout! Oh if only it was that easy!! The Dr can't get it out and so i am patiently waiting for an appointment to a specialist to get it out!!! TMI!

I had alopecia as a child at the back of my head and so i'm overly paranoid and keep getting my mum to check!

So i decided that i best try and keep my hair in as best of condition as i can!! I've always loved Redken however i've never had to really go out of my way to buy it as ive always had good hair with cheaper brands!

My mum and I were shopping and we went past a hairdressers which had the Redken All Soft in the window and so i thought i should purchase!!

I also went into Superdrug and bought This One Gets Locks Glam Again

The Redken is lovely!! Really makes my hair feel healthy nourished after each wash!!! My hair doesn't feel as dry or brittle and definately has more shine!!!

The Get Locks Glam Again - I AM IN LOVE WITH!!! It really is a fab treatment! I am using it once a week! and its 2 for £7!!! Bargain!!! This is my new fave hair care product my hair feels so much better! Granted its still coming out but atleast it looks better when its going down the plug hole!

J x

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