Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tear Free Tangles

We love bathtime in our house! The kids have so much fun and you can guarantee even if they have been super grumps all day a bath will cheer them right up! So its all fun and laughter come the start of bath, story and bed routine. That is until its time to brush Sienna's hair after a bath. I literally dread it each time.

Sienna has lovely long blonde hair but the down side is the tangles! She HATES having her hair brushed and it often ends in tears. We have a Denman Tangle Tamer which is amazing on dry hair and if honest i often use it myself!

The trouble we have is brushing her hair when its wet. Its a real fight to even get her to let me near her hair with the hairbrush sometimes.

Selfridges did a beauty box in May which had lots of lovely goodies in and one of them was this fab new Tangle Teezer specifically for wet hair called Aqua Splash. I bought the box mainly for the tangle teezer as i thought it would be fab for brushing Sienna's wet hair and i wasn't wrong. 

It glides through her hair like a dream. Even my husband is happy to brush her wet hair now and commented how amazing he thought the Aqua Splash was. Gone are the tangle tears and tantrums, it really is brilliant and i would recommend to anyone.

L xx

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