Monday, 15 July 2013

All the Gear, No Idea!

On the never ending journey to 'goal weight' and pre pregancy Miranda moment jeans (SATC fans you will appreciate this) we have decided to join a gym!

We have both joined gyms before but the thing thats different this time is that they both have creches!!! Whoop de whoop whoop!

Its all well and good joining the gym and saying you will go when your other half gets home but in reality after looking after 2 little people all day by the time your hubby gets home the only running your ready to do most days is running to the bathroom for a nice long bath in peace and quiet!

Thats why we needed a gym with a creche! Unfortunately these just aren't as common as you would think? Theres a real gap in the market here that someone needs to address? Surely mummy's are a huge target market? Anyways we found some gyms with creches and we joined them and this is our first week!

We are planning to go twice in the week and then on a weekend as a family for an hours workout followed by a family swim and anything extra will be a bonus!

We both entered the ballot for the London Virgin Marathon this yr eeeeek! Jade has a place already though the charity 'Fight for Sight' and i'm waiting to hear if i was successful in the ballot come October but we really need to get training for it!

So we have our shiny new (neon pink whoop whoop) trainers ready set to go!!

Wish us luck, we will let you know how the training is going!

L & J xx

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