Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mums BIG Bday!

My mum is the big 70 is October and this year i'm trying to be prepared and little things she mentions she needs i'm ordering so i don't forget!!

Normally we would have organised a party however my mum has specifically said NO party!! Instead of a party she has asked my dad for an eye lift and face lift.  I'm all for a little nip and tuck if it makes her feel better and thats what she wants! This also means i now only have to worry about buying presents from me and not my dad too! I would of probably gone for a new designer handbag!

So here are some ideas for mums big day!!!

My mum loves jewellery and we at a little mummy magic love Kate Spade!

Kate Spade Skinny Mini Pave Bangle

About 2 years ago i came across a fabulous idea!!! I've had to wait 2 years to finally sort it haha!
So the idea is as its my mums 70th so i will have to get 70.
I will soon be emailing, phoning, texting 70 members of my mums friends and family to write a favourite memory or add a favourite picture of them with my mum.  They will then hopefully post/email them back to me and on her bday i will present her with 70 envelopes for her to read at her leisure!

Thank you for this fab idea!!!

My mum and dad have 8 grandchildren in total (3 from each of brothers and 2 from me .... so far haha) The grandchildren range from 22 years to 22 months and my mum does not have a picture of all of them together! So over the summer holiday this is my task! A nice family picture for her kitchen.

Mummy P has also just acquired an iphone so i also think i will get the picture made into a case for her as she will love that and can have it with her at all times!!! I will use

A few years ago i got all of her old pictures and scanned them into a Bob Books it was her whole life story all in pictures and it now sits proudly on her coffee table!

I hope there are a few ideas here to help!!!!

Love J x

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