Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Little Fairy Magic

In our house we believe! We believe in magic, Santa, elves, easter bunnies, wishes, dreams, we believe in everything... especially fairies!

Whilst browsing pinterest i came across lots of amazing fairy gardens and i really wanted to make one for Sienna for our garden! Now its not as impressive as some on Pinterest but i'm no Charlie Dimmock and Sienna loves it so thats all that matters!

So to make this i bought a big plastic plant pot from b&q and some compost and a few plants. I made the little house from some twigs we collected and cut them to size and glued them with a hot glue gun. The little path was made with some stones and the little fairy seating area was made from some thicker branches and just cut to size. I then added in a few little ornamental bits and hey presto, our very own fairy garden! Sienna absolutely loves it and she loves looking to see what the fairies are doing in there!

Let us know if you plan to make or have made your own fairy garden, we would love to hear about your own ideas! 

L xx

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