Thursday, 24 October 2013

Statement furniture piece!

I do love an Ikea shop - as in a full wander around browsing and thinking how i can change my kitchen, lounge, lighting etc! It always seems affordable and cool all in one!

So when i saw this amazing piece i instantly knew i need it in my home!

How cool is this!!!!

Its like a dream come true for me! I have so many bits i like to display but literally nowhere "safe" enough from the children's reach!

I truly feel like this cabinet could go in any room in my whole house!!!

In Honey's room with her first ballet shoes, Christening gifts, first photo etc all those keepsakes that get hidden away!

In my lounge with our framed wedding photos, my heirloom family china, our engagement Swarovski champagne flutes, our Tiffany crystal bowls (all those things i hide from the children)

In my kitchen with glasses, cook books, my mums special tea cups and saucers, my nan's tea set which takes pride of place above the aga but i'm terrified of it falling!

In my bedroom with my wedding tiara, photos, jewellery box, things my mum has passed down to me.

I just love the idea of everything being displayed in such a lovely unique way!

So the bad news is when i looked at the price i was a bit shocked! I mean i'm sure its the most expensive thing in Ikea at £395! i know its expensive!!! But to justify i think its a piece that would last a lifetime and somewhere when i'm old and still brunette (hair dye) that i will still treasure all my favourite things in! you can see it here on the Ikea website!

If any of you have seen anything similar for maybe half the price please please please let me know!!!

Tomorrows Friday!!!

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