Sunday, 6 October 2013

Organisation is Key!

Good Morning Campers!

How many of you have bought at least 1 christmas present already?

I start collecting all year - which means i'm organised but also means i always go over budget as i forget what i've already bought! Especially when i'm out and i buy another present for someone i've already bought one for! I'm so bad when it comes to my children - i buy them bits then feel guilty they haven't got enough so impulse buy without actually realising what they already have!

I have 36 people to buy for - the woes of having a big family! And i'm a present perfectionist in the fact that i love people getting gifts i know they are going to love!!!

So this year i downloaded 2 christmas list apps and i've been testing them out against each other to see which one i prefer! This way if i'm out and haven't taken my list i know that its on my phone!

App 1 = Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List App £0

This wasn't for me! It's got some good reviews but its not user friendly and its a bit messy looking and when i'm organised i like things to be neat and precise! Its good but its not great!

App 2 - No More Socks £0

WOW this app is simply the best!!! Its sooooooo good!!! You can add people from your contacts, add pictures, set budgets! Add their birthdays and you get reminded 4 weeks before hand! Its very very clever!!!

I love it - love filling it up with what i've bought and ideas i have rather than trying to remember them! Its so user friendly and easy!

You can add retailers to the gifts you buy so you can remember where you bought it from incase you need to return it! You can also browse shared ideas! Its sooo good! You can lock the app with a passcode so no one can snoop like i would haha!

I'm addicted!!! And its an all year round list and its free!!!!

Start adding your contacts and their birthdays now - go go go

Happy Sunday
J xxx

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  1. Ohh, I have No More Socks on my iPhone too! My husband has 15 brothers and sisters, my Mum is one of 6, I have 16 cousins (a lot with more than one child too) so I know exactly where you are coming from. I have a budget for extended family - £15 for adults and £30 for the under 18's. If I didn't do it that way I would be broke but I start saving on the 1st of January every year in a separate account so it doesn't hurt too much when the time comes. I refuse to put anything on credit as well as I genuinely have issues paying interest!

    I have bought everything except my youngest son's birthday present and that is because it hasn't been released yet (he wants an XBox 1). Everyone else is bought and paid for in full and wrapped! And yes, I feel quite smug, lol!

    Is it sad that I have even got the Christmas cards written already? I was in hospital for respite a couple of weeks ago and it was the idea time to do it!

    Fi x



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