Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sweaty Betty's

I hate to admit this but we are sweaty Betty's! No i'm not talking about the gorgeous work out clothing company i mean real life gross sweating!

Its so embarrassing being out and about and noticing a nice big sweat patch under your arms, i really have to think about what i'm wearing some days!

Between me and Jade we must have tried every deodorant on the market! I have even considered those injections in your arm pits to stop you sweating till Jade told me her friend had it and you just sweat elsewhere (gross gross gross)!

The spray deodorants just don't cut it with us. We have tried loads and they just don't provide protection for long enough. Roll on's or cream sticks are the only way to go.

I used to always swear by Mitchum Advanced Control after my friend told me about it and whilst its really fab at keeping you dry its quite sticky which can be a bit annoying and make you feel a bit wet underarm.

It claims to provide protection for 48 hours and i have to say it is really good and i did use it for a long time until i found what both me and Jade think is THE best deodorant!

Sure Maximum Protection! Lucky for us we got it for free in the zest 10k challenge goody bag and we were both like 'wow did you try the deodorant?'

Like Mitchum it boasts 48 hour protection and it is just as good if not better at keeping you dry but its not sticky! You hardly notice you have it on! It leaves you feeling fresh and dry all day long.

If your a fellow sweaty betty don't waste your time trying anything else and get yourself some Sure Maximum Protection pronto! You wont regret it, promise!

L xx

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  1. I have to be honest, I bow at the altar of Mitchum, but I may well have to check the Sure deodorant out for sure. I am not a fan of spray or roll ons which wis why I like stick formulas the best. I know what my mission is for today!

    Fi x



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