Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thirsty Tuesday!

Yay its Tuesday!!!!

So as you probably know i have 2 children - Honey age 4 and Rocco age 2! 

Rocco im always filling up his beaker and making sure he has juice etc, but Honey i have been forgetting! (bad mummy) 

I suppose its because she asks for absolutely everything in the world - but some days i think oh wow you've only had one glass of squash you need to drink up! Its hard to remember because they are constantly on the go!!! 

So i thought maybe theres an App which can help me keep track of the fluids the children are intaking! 
Well of course theres an app - there is an App for everything but even though i downloaded it i still wasn't remembering! 

After lots of googling and research etc i found that Honey should be having 1 ltr of water a day! 

WOW i would defo say she was probably only having half of this some days! 

So i've decided to buy 3 Bobble Mini Water Filter Bottles

My plan is to fill all 3 up each morning and have them on the side and give honey one at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and if she drinks all 3 we will do a star chart and at the end of the week she can pick a prize! 

I can't believe i don't encourage her to drink more! And i feel really bad about it - another mummy guilt trip! I want to stick to it so it becomes part of our routine as a family! Water is definately part of the key to feeling better! 

In Coyote Ugly style " Hell Yes H2O!"

Don't get thirsty! This applies to adults too! Keep hydrated! 

J x 

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