Friday, 18 October 2013

Recycle your summer dresses

Well lets face it its freezing outside now! Like really freezing and its super sucky! I hate having to wear a coat and take 9000 layers and accessories out and about with us and say goodbye to my flip flops!

How annoying is it taking winter footwear on and off, you have to sit down and pull your boots off rather than just release the flip flop and flick them off. I do realise that sounds ridiculous and lazy but its true!

Having said that though it is nice being all snuggly in a wooly jumper and wearing cosy tights! Theres something about Autumn fashion that makes you breathe a little sigh of relief and makes you feel comfortable!

No more summer dresses! Or so you think!! Here is a fab idea to recycle your summer dresses into Autumn.

Just take your summer dress and layer it up with a sweater over the top and add some tights and boots and your fit for an autumn day!

You could also try adding a long sleeved fitted top underneath some of your fave summer tops or add a nice chunky cardigan? It wont work for every dress or top but it would deffo work with some!

Give it a go mix and match and layer some items up and you might be surprised with some whole new outfits you never realised you had!

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