Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cupmazing - Beaker Review

Happy October!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if its just me or if everyone has that one cupboard full with plastic sippy cups!

We have so many!!! But almost all of them leak in my bag! I'm yet to find the best sippy cup ever!

I love going on holiday and maybe coming across "The One" as i'm yet to find one here!

However ........... you know what i'm going to say right! I think i've found "The One" i mean its definitely "Mr Right Now" and i'm hoping he's going to last and not lure me into a false sense of dry handbag security!!

and here he is .........

The original revolutionary 360° Junior beaker features an innovative circular valve system, that with gentle sipping allows toddlers to drink from anywhere around the rim.
The cup helps develop the final stages of drinking independence, so before long they’ll be drinking from a proper cup - just like mummy and daddy. Age 24 months +
Its from www.anywayup.com and costs £5.95 - it also comes with a lid - a lid that actually stays on! 
Whilst writing this i've just realised that this is from the same family as the legendary Cow Cup!!! 

Honey and I absolutely loved this cup! However they changed the valve and she didn't like it so alas we had to break up! Why do things that aren't broken get changed??

I really hope the 360 Junior lasts the test of time! Fingers crossed

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Wow how cool are these mummy sippy cups!!!!! I need one or two haha x

J xxx 

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