Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sleepover fun

Hello hello happy Tuesday everyone!

It was my bestest girl Sienna's 4th birthday party on Saturday and we decided to have a sleepover for her and She chose 3 friends to come along.

She had the bestest time!

Lucky Charms for Breakfast

Dream catchers craft activity and headbands

Birthday cake made by mummy

popcorn boxes waiting to be filled with freshly popped popcorn

Pink rose lemonade yum!
Decorate a torch craft activity

Tents all ready for sleepover fun

Party bags with fairy wings and wands and bubbles for the fairy hunt!

The girls decorated their torches and then we all went outside on a fairy hunt

Then it was time for happy birthday, ice-cream and cake

Doughnut ice cream sundae!

Movie time

Sleepy time

Sienna loved every second and keeps asking me to go on a fairy hunt again! She sat with her hand under her chin on sunday when her friends had left and said oh i'm so sad i have no friends left to have a party now, i'm so sad. It was definitely worth all the effort making the tents and the cake and all the other bits that went with it!

I got the tutorial for the tents from A Beautiful Mess blog the only difference being is i staple gunned the fabric to the edges of the frame as my sewing machine needs to go to sewing machine hospital at the moment so i couldn't sew them! I don't think it mattered as the girls loved them and got to take them home!

If your pondering on making a tent go for it! Its a lot easier then it looks!

Have a fabulous day everyone its Tuesday 8th October 2013 and there will never be another so make it count for something!!

L xx

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