Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Funday x

Good morning

Can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow! These weekends go far to fast! 

We are off to our Church Christmas Dinner today and mission wrapping is going to commence!! 

Now Honey has broken up from school and I'm trying to come up with things to do! 

So about some whole family fun, free, take your own snacks and music fun?? On Friday night (5pm) we went out in the car - me honey and rocco - and we went on a best Christmas lights treasure hunt!! 

Wow Honey absolutely loved it!!!! Some peoples houses are absolutely magical!! One house near us is amazing!!! Chris and Nick both think lights are tacky and they are Scrooges haha but next year I'm buying Lee the tackiest light up thing I can find haha!! 

But it's a lovely family adventure - you can always go to the drive through for dinner and have a wonderful hour!! Then when you get home get your little one to draw a picture of their favourite lights!!

The below houses will be mine and lees next year haha 

Lots of love 

Jade xxx 

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