Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cool Bananas

Guess what!!! The 1st time Nick reads my blog and it was yesterday haha so he now knows what he's getting haha!!! But he did love them all especially the calendar idea!!!! He said maybe it should be weekly rather than monthly haha! yeah ok then!

Its Thats Cool Thursday and i was going to talk about a really cool new kids reading app but i'm going to save that for next week so i thought i'd do another thing for us mummys!!

Today i'm going blonde!!! Eeeeeekkkkkk last time i went blonde was about 10 years ago! But i'm taking our own blog advice and making time for me!!! Granted the children are coming with me but i love the idea of once every 6 weeks i get a day for me to get my hair done!!! Normally as its natural brown i rarely go to the hair dressers so this will make me go!! I am going to the lady who did my wedding hair - can't wait !!!

So yesterday was all about things for husbands so today i'm just going to put up some pics of some things that i'm loving at the moment for me!!!

These are my pics of the week!!! 

Hope you all have wonderful Thursdays will show you my hair tomorrow!! 

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