Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bored reach for the Board Games

Hola! Can you believe tomorrow is the 11 12 13 - haha i love things like that!!!

Its Honey's nativity today! I am so excited! She is an Angel - i just know she will be fabulous!! Then tomorrow is her christmas party and then thats it - schools out until January!!!

So i've tried to get some bits in the diary to keep us all entertained!


Snow White on Ice
Father Christmas
Cinema to see Frozen

But i needed some new things to keep Honey entertained at home!!! Whilst in Milan i saw Tom and Jerry pop up pirate! It was something like £8 and when we got home and settled i put it on the floor in the kitchen and played some bells on my phone and pretended it was an Elf delivering a gift as Honey had been so good for my mum and Leeanne at the weekend.

Honey absolutely loves it! Keeps her entertained and its not a long game and even Rocco likes it! So i was going to safe it for Christmas but in all honesty how many games will she play Christmas day?? so i'm all for december presents haha!

I also ordered this from ELC www.elc.co.uk its was £9.99 - i am saving it for Honeys stocking but it looks so much fun!!!

ELC are doing some great discounts at the moment!!! really good presents!!! If you need children's gifts you must look there as there are some bargains to be had!! 

Another great game for 3-5 year olds is snap! With ordinary playing cards! Honey is so good at her numbers now and so quick with them all thanks to cards! Great for adding up and matching numbers! Learning when they think they are playing is the key !!! 

Honeys fave ever game though is still Odd Socks from ELC! www.elc.co.uk £12

This games is amazing for colors, shapes - Honey plays this every day with my mum and its just brilliant!! A must have for game lovers!! 

If your children love certain games please let me know as we love board games! 

oh and before i forget - Monopoly Junior Party is a fab game too!!! 

If you don't like annoying noise Do Not i repeat Do Not buy Hungry Hippos haha i've hidden the balls for my own sanity!!!! 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Board Game day!!! 

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