Monday, 2 December 2013

Mummy time

It's the first Monday in December and we think we should start thinking about making some more time for ourselves in the new year!  December is always a busy month so much going on but I was thinking about ordering a brochure from my local Adult Education Centre and starting a new course in the new year!

The courses range from languages to drawing, from cooking to upholstery!  I will try to find a course in the evening and one night a week take some time out for me to learn something new! 

I'd love to learn calligraphy or do a drawing painting workshop!  

As mummy's we feel guilty about having time for ourselves and time out but I think in order to be the best us we can be we need time for us! 

So do something for yourselves today! 

In Elf news Ella arrived in our house yesterday - she is Elvis's sister and today she has left some new chairs, Christmas hats and a Christmas DVD! 

Buddy has returned to the Andrews house and he's getting up to mischief floating around the living room in an hot air elf balloon!

Happy Monday fellow magic mummy's 

Jade and Leeanne 

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